How to create a QR Code for your WIFI Password

It’s common for businesses to offer a guest wifi for visitors, but often this can be a problematic experience. If the guest can’t quite read the hand written note, or mistake a typed i for a 1 then they keep repeating attempts getting frustrated. Instead, you can offer them a simple way to connect to the guest wifi on their phones using a QR code. This handy guide will explain how to do it.




Step 1 - Make a note of your wifi Name (SSID) and Password

Find that piece of paper you have lying around somewhere in the boardroom with the wifi name (which is also known as the SSID) and the password.

You’ll need these details to hand for the next step.

Step 2 - Head over to

To make this process really simple, software engineer Evgeni Golov has built a handy tool on his website I have also embedded his site into the iFrame below so you don’t even need to leave this guide.

All you need to do is type in the wifi network name in the box that says SSID, then put the password into the box which says key then hit the Generate! button. Then either Export or Print the QR code image for use in the next steps.

Step 3 - Add the wifi name and password onto a document with the QR code

Although you’ve now got a really simple way for guests to connect to the wifi network using most mobile phones, this will not help for laptops and some other devices. They’re still going to need to do it the old fashioned way so make sure you’ve still got the wifi name and password written on the sheet for those who can’t use the QR.

Step 4 - Print off your QR code document

Once you’ve followed all the above steps, it’s time to print it off or add it as a background wallpaper for your boardroom TV or any other fancy way you want to give it to your guests.

Step 5 - Your guests just need to open their Camera app or QR reader and point at your code

When a guest arrives at your office now and asks to connect to your guest wifi from their mobile, just tell them to open their camera app and point it at your QR code. The look of amazement on their face when they instantly connect and proceed to tell you that was a lot easier than most places will make you feel a little warm and fuzzy. They’ll probably ask how you did it too, so when they do, be sure to send them to this post.

Final Tip/Reminder - Make sure your guest wifi is separate to your staff/production wifi

It’s critically important from a security perspective to ensure that any visitor or guest to the business does not have network access to your own internal systems and servers. This is why you should always have a separated guest wireless network which cannot see any devices on the production network. If you’re unsure on this, then feel free to ask one of our team and we’ll be able to help.