What to do if you’ve Been Hacked

Worried you’ve been hacked? Take a look at our tips on what to do if you’ve been a victim of a security breach.


One of the most obvious reasons cyber criminals want to hack you is to gain your personal information, but why do they want these details?

Whatever details hackers manage to grab, they sell on the dark web. The dark web is part of the internet that isn’t visible to search engines and requires the use of an anonymising browser called Tor to be accessed.

Below are some of the prices you’d expect your credentials to sell for on the dark web.

Have Your Passwords been Compromised?

haveibeenpwned.com is an effective and simple way to check if any of your credentials have been involved in a data breach.

Head over to the website and search the email/usernames and passwords you use online. This site will then tell you whether those credentials have been involved in a data breach.



Here’s a quick video demonstrating how well haveibeenpwned.com works and how useful this website can be.



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How do Hackers access your Information?

Hackers use various methods to try and gain your personal information, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Check out our article on how hackers easily target businesses, where we talk about the sneaky methods cyber criminals use and how you can avoid being caught out by their tricks.


What to do if you’ve been Hacked

If you think you credentials might have been compromised, the best and first thing to do is to CHANGE all your passwords and if possible, usernames on your online accounts. Doing this will decrease the chance of someone being able to use your details for fraudulent activities.

If you’re struggling to do this, the hackers may have already accessed your account. With most accounts however, you should be able to try and get it back by answering a security question or other ways to prove you are the real account owner.

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