Windows 11. Thoughts and Opinions

Following the release of Microsoft’s latest OS, a couple members of our team have been using Windows 11, trying out the new features and getting an overall feel for the update. Here are their thoughts and Opinions on Windows 11.

Have you got the opportunity to update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 but not sure whether it’s worth? A couple of members from our team here at Reformed IT have gone ahead and updated their OS and we’ve asked them what they like, dislike and ultimately whether the Windows 11 update is right for you.

I started using Windows 11 on the release day (5th October) and have been overall impressed with the operating system. The start menu and taskbar is now at the centre of the screen which is my main focus point when working, and makes multitasking slightly easier.

For security, TPM 2.0 is compulsory for Windows 11 which is an important component for security features such as windows hello, Bitlocker, and it’s a step in the right direction for securing Windows devices.

Luckily, I haven’t had any bugs or errors whilst using Windows 11. However, one disadvantage I have found is that the Microsoft Teams integration is poor, and doesn’t work as well as the application you can install.

Jack Urban

IT/Cyber Security Technician, Reformed IT

Windows 11 appears to have brought familiarities from Windows 10 and bundled them up into an even more simple and intuitive look. The new “control centre” makes managing devices such as sound, battery and WiFi much simpler for end users for example.

My current main dislike about Windows 11 is that notifications seem to be disabled by default, which makes it easy to miss emails!

I personally wouldn’t recommend updating straight away as there appears to be a few bugs that need ironing out, but overall it is a fresh new take on the Windows operating system.

Cara Hickman

IT Helpdesk Technician, Reformed IT

For any of our clients, we will be taking you through Windows 11, making sure you’re comfortable using the operating system before upgrading.


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