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Microsoft Loop. How useful will Microsoft’s latest app be?

In late 2021, Microsoft introduced their latest application called “Loop” and throughout the year, we’ve been hearing more about this app and the benefits of using it.


In this article, we take a closer look at what “Loop” is and how it can be used.

In November 2021, Microsoft revealed a new application called “Loop”. This new app allows people to work in collaboration within multiple workspaces. Loop is described as a tool that blends all your everyday work apps into one, creating a large workspace for you and your team.

So What’s possible with Microsoft Loop?

Working together has never been more efficient

With Loop, you can co-create and build ideas with others. Loop is designed to work together within the hybrid world.

See everything in one place

Organise what you need for your project, whether it’s files, links or data from other applications. All of this can be stored in a single workplace.

Stay in sync and on track

Easily manage and keep up to date with Loop. Work in chat, meetings or documents and easily track progress with notifications, highlighted changes and task lists.

Microsoft Teams… But Better?


After seeing the Loop application for the first time, many say it resembles Microsoft Teams, as it includes features such as messaging, meetings, sharing files etc.

With more information being released about Loop, we’ll soon see what the major differences are and where Teams stands within the Office 365 applications.

Loop’s Useful Features

With a singular application designed to bring all the Office 365 apps into one, there will be features we haven’t seen before. Let’s have a look at the new and exciting things Microsoft Loop will bring.

Voting Table


Collaboration is one of the main purposes of Loop, so Microsoft have created the voting table.

A voting table can be sent as a message to your team, who can then make edits and add ideas. This creates a simple way to share thoughts and make decisions on which is best through voting. 

Page collaboration


Yes, there is a way to collaborate in other Office 365 applications such as Word and Excel, however, not to this scale.

Loop allows your whole team to view and edit parts of your page, whether they’re adding their own text, reacting to pieces written by others or even moving sections around.

It’s never been easier to work as a team online without needing to communicate through voice or video.

Outlook Integration


With Loop centralising all other Office 365 apps, it was almost inevitable that Outlook would be involved.

This integration doesn’t just mean that you can send emails from Loop, but you can easily attach notes, pages, documents and more from Loop into your message.

This is great when you need to send a project or ideas to external people as you can take what you’ve worked on as a group and easily share with others.

Any meetings created within Loop will also be shown in Outlook and recipients will receive a meeting link.

When Can I use Microsoft Loop?

Other than the main purpose and features of Loop, there isn’t too much information about when the application is accessible or how to get your hands on it.

However, it’s been reported that Microsoft Loop will be fully released sometime in the summer of 2022.

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