How Microsoft 365 is helping you work from home

We talk about Microsoft 365 and its applications quite often. But in times like this, where most people are working from home, the 365 suite is more helpful than ever.

Struggle to access your work files from home?

OneDrive lets you store all your files in the cloud, meaning they’re secure and can be accessed on any device from pretty much anywhere. As long as your work files are uploaded to OneDrive, you’ll be able to sign in on a device at home and access, edit and share them to others. You can also sync files to your computer so you can easily and quickly access them from file explorer. 


Communicate with Teams

Microsoft Teams is an application used for communication and collaboration included in all Office 365 packages and can also be free for the single application as long as you have a Microsoft account. Teams is a very useful application to use, especially if you’re working from home. You can message, voice call and also video call people which can help for planning work, collaborate on work or just have a chat with colleagues. Also, if you use Outlook, you can link your account with Teams and any meetings or events planned in Teams will automatically appear in your calendar. Teams also works on mobile devices meaning you can message and have calls wherever as long as there’s a WiFi connection.


Collaborating feature

We’ve already mentioned that you can collaborate within Teams, where anyone within a Team can access a file within SharePoint. However, you and others can collaborate within a documents such as Word or Excel all at the same time. Multiple users can work on the document simultaneously and see changes made by others live. Users can also leave comments by a part of a document for the other to read and make any changes to.



By utilising SharePoint and OneDrive, you can improve collaboration, efficiency and security within your business. Using SharePoint gives you many benefits, some we’ve already mentioned in this blog such as accessing files in Teams, sharing with others, live collaborating and commenting on documents. There are many other benefits such as being able to go back and look at the version history of documents and also the auto-save option. 

We’ve already made a blog post going through and talking about all the benefits you can get by using SharePoint which you can have a read of here:




Security is something you shouldn’t worry about if you use Office 365 at home. With Onedrive, all files are stored in the cloud and you can also enable 2 factor-authentication to your account. 



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