How 3CX helps your employees to work from anywhere

Below is our recommendations why you should be moving to a 3CX cloud hosted phone system that you can access from anywhere on any device.

We recommend 3CX to businesses who want to leverage the benefits and flexibility of the cloud. With remote working becoming the norm for most businesses, we have outlined the massive benefits that a hosted 3CX phone system can provide.  


Access from anywhere

You can access 3CX from anywhere, whether that’s out and about on your mobile phone, on a handheld phone set or on your tablet, laptop, computer etc. This is a great benefit as you can answer any incoming calls, no matter where you are.


Easily transfer calls to colleagues

With 3CX, you can easily transfer a call to any of your colleagues’ devices. This is useful when you answer a call and the caller wants to speak to someone else, without hanging up the phone, you can pass them onto another colleague either by a blind transfer method or attended. A blind transfer sends the caller straight through to the colleague and an attended transfer allows you to talk to your colleague first, to see if they’re available for the call.


Consistent telephone number

As the calls are being made from a central cloud server, you can specify which number is displayed to your customers. Giving your clients a consistent experience whether your team are working in the office or from home. 


Call recordings

3CX will record all of your calls both internally and externally. This is great for quality control and training. You can listen in to conversations that you didn’t take. You can also listen live to a conversation from a member of your team, which is a great way of training up a new employee into your team. There is also a whisper functionality that allows you to speak to your employee without the caller hearing. This can be used to hand-hold someone through a call.


Ring groups and call queues

With 3CX, you can create ring groups meaning that multiple team members can pick up the call. There are multiple different ring groups depending on your requirements, for example, ring all and prioritised. You can also select what happens to people in a call queue. This can be set as the caller being sent to a random free team member, the person who has answered the least calls, or – if someone is already in a call – the next team member on the list. 


Take your number with you

With 3CX, you can keep your existing number if you decide to move to a 3CX system. Traditionally, a business number is attached to a physical phone line, resulting in headaches and delays when moving premises or adding additional numbers to a legacy phone system. BT have announced you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines as of September 2023, and the switch off date for any existing lines is December 2025. Now is a great time to leverage the cloud and get ahead with your business telecoms.


Wallboards and queue viewing

Built into 3CX, there are different views that can be used to see user availability and statuses as well as managing queues and who is signed into them. You can also view a wallboard showing daily live stats for the week or any other duration of time. 


Highly available

All of our 3CX systems are hosted within Microsoft Azure, ensuring they are highly available and reliable. We also ensure that all of our systems are backed up daily in the event of a disaster.  

We are also able to increase and reduce resources to the phone system as required ensuring your business can run smoothly, without worrying about uptime.


Jedware call reporting

If you require more advanced call reports from your 3CX systems, you can use Jedware for a small additional cost. Jedware can update you on all call stats such as calls taken in a day, week or month in an interactive dashboard. You can also look at the stats for individual extensions so you can see who has taken what calls and for how long. It also provides a live updating screen with the stats which you could display on a TV in the office. There’s much more that Jedware offers and we’ve made a short video showing you the best features which you can watch here:


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