Dropbox Data Breach 2022 – Hackers stole 130 GitHub repositories

Dropbox has suffered a security Breach resulting in hackers stealing 130 code depositories.

Dropbox Data Breach 2022

November 2022, Dropbox have suffered a data breach. Hackers gained access to one of its GitHub accounts using employee credentials, which were gained through phishing attacks. 130 code repositories have been stolen in result of this attack. 

“To date, our investigation has found that the code accessed by this threat actor contained some credentials – primarily, API keys – used by Dropbox developers,” Dropbox said on Tuesday.

According to Dropbox, the code and data stolen included a few thousand name and email addresses, belonging to Dropbox employees, current and past customers, sales leads and vendors.

The phishing attacks leading up to the successful breach targeted Dropbox employees. Hackers were impersonating emails from CircleCI, continuous integration and delivery platform, which redirected them to a phishing landing page where employees then entered their GitHub usernames and passwords. 

On the same page, employees were also asked to type in their hardware authentication key, in order for hackers to bypass the One Time Password (OTP) they had in place.


Hackers Stole 130 Code Repositories During Breach

After stealing Dropbox users credentials, the hackers has gained 130 code repositories through one of Dropbox’s GitHub organisations.

Dropbox announced that the hackers didn’t gain access to customers’ accounts, passwords, or payment information, and its core apps and infrastructure were not affected as a result of this breach.

What Should You Do About This?

You’re probably hoping this never happens to your business. Well there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re secure and safe from data breaches, just like this one.

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