Chrome VS Edge Security – Which is the safest browser?

Which browser are you currently using? Many just use which ever one was originally installed on their device, however, some choose one over the other because of its features.

In this article we compare the two browsers, however, their security side of things. Which browser is more secure?

Chrome vs Edge Security

When comparing Chrome vs Edge for security, both browsers are very similar, however, Chrome is known to have way more vulnerabilities within the last year.

Chrome experiences a lot more zero-day exploits than Edge does. A zero-day exploit means that hackers have found a vulnerability in a piece of software or hardware which doesn’t yet have a fix.

Once a vulnerability has been publicly disclosed and is widely known, it puts any business or individual at risk if they are using the vulnerable software.

This adds a risk to using Chrome as there can be a zero-day exploit at any time. Edge can also experience exploits, however, they appear to be less common.

Chrome vs Edge Privacy Settings

As well as security, we can compare the privacy of both Chrome and Edge. Both browsers have privacy settings that give users control over how their data is used.

A lot of people say they prefer Edge when it comes to privacy settings because they have more options. With Edge, you can choose between 3 levels of tracking prevention. 



Chrome has very little settings when it comes to privacy. You are able to block cookies on websites you visit, and that’s about it.

Both browsers track and collects your data, however, Edge appears to collect your data, more for your own beneficial use.

Microsoft believes in and practices information collection minimization. We strive to gather only the info we need, and to store it only for as long as it’s needed to provide a service or for analysis. In addition, you can control whether optional diagnostic data associated with your device is shared with Microsoft to solve product issues and help improve Microsoft products and services”  –  Microsoft.

Because of this, there has been more trust in microsoft as a company when it comes to collecting data through the browsers. Overall, it’s a personal choice which browser you prefer to use. 


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