6 Tips to help you work from home

Now that the UK Prime Minister has announced a second lockdown, most people will be working from home, instead of in the office. Working from home can be difficult for some, so here we have some helpful tips!

1. Wired Connection

A wired internet connection can be very useful when your work is online-based. It can provide you much faster internet speeds compared to wireless. You can also get powerline adapters which allow you to have a wired internet connection whilst in a different room to your Wi-Fi router. 


2. Security

We all know how important security is. Even if you’re in your own home you need to be aware of who can see your screen. Make sure your computer/laptop screen isn’t facing or in view of a window. This is because anyone who can see through the window will see your screen and you might have some sensitive data or passwords on show, be sure to lock your computer whenever you leave it unattended. 



3. Posture/seating position

For most of the day, you might be sat at your desk. A good seating position/posture is very important as it can allow you to work more efficiently and place less strain on your body and muscles. Constantly having a bad posture can lead to back problems and fatigue.



4. Socialising with colleagues

As you are working at home, you won’t be seeing your work colleagues like usual, but thanks to today’s technology there are many applications you can use to keep in touch with them. It’s important to regularly catch up with your colleagues, as it helps with your mental wellbeing and communication. We recommend using Microsoft Teams for both video and chat. Check out this video on our YouTube channel for some handy tips!



5. Make a routine

Just like you would in the office, you should create a new routine for your workday at home. This starts from when you wake up and what you do before starting work. You should also plan when you take breaks and lunch so you don’t burn out.  



6. Your workspace

When having a break or lunch, try to reduce your screen time by reading a book, going outside for some fresh air and exercise, or catching up with the family. Try not to stay at your desk, in the same location, for the entire day.