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Which Phone System? 3CX or RingCentral?

It’s time your phone system had an upgrade, but should you go for 3CX or RingCentral? In this blog post, we’re comparing features, pricing and usability to help you make the right choice for your business

3CX – Overview

3CX is a cloud hosted phone system which enables calls and extensions to be made via traditional PSTN phone lines and VoIP services. In essence replacing your traditional phone system without the typical lengthy contract terms of other phone providers. 3CX is a feature rich solution with everything built into the standard system.


RingCentral –  Overview

RingCentral provides cloud-based business phone systems. It offers PBX features such as multiple extensions, call control and video conferencing. Users say the interface is great to use and everything is easily accessible with it all being in the same place.

The table below shows the most useful features included in the 3CX and RingCentral standard packages.




Accessible from any Device, Anywhere

Call Recordings

Easy Call Transfers

CRM Integration

Call Reportings

Simple and Easy to use Interface

Multiple Queue Types

Take a look at this table which shows the most useful features that are found within the 3CX and RingCentral standard packages. 




Accessible from any Device, Anywhere

Call Recordings

Easy Call Transfers

CRM Integration

Call Reportings

Simple and Easy to use Interface

Multiple Queue Types


Prices vary depending on the number of users within the plan and whether there are any offers or discounts.

These prices shown below are based on the Enterprise package for 3CX and the Premium package for RingCentral. These prices are based on licenses for 20 users.

 click here for further pricing imformation on 3CX and here for more on RingCentral. 

Hidden Extra Costs.

With RingCentral you get an number of inclusive free-phone inbound minutes per user. You also get inclusive domestic and EMEA regional calling zone outbound minutes per user.

With RingCentral’s Premium plan you will recieve 1000 minutes of inbound calls and 2000 minutes for outbound. But I bet you’re thinking, what if we go over that amount?

If you end up going over the minute allowance you will have some extra costs additional to your monthly plan payment.

With RingCentral, any inbound calls over your monthly limit will cost 5p per minute and any outbound minutes will cost 3p. (for Premium and Ultimate plans).

Simple and easy to use interface

Looking at the interfaces for 3CX and RingCentral, both seem to be very simple and easy to use making it a lot more user friendly.  Take a look at these two images showing both interfaces. On the left is the basic 3CX team view and on the right is the calls tab on RingCentral which also shows the softphone.


Comparing features, 3CX pretty much has it all. Although RingCentral also has these features, some are hidden behind extra costs.

It can come down to personal preference and which interface the user prefers, however, we believe, with the cost, 3CX is a much friendlier option for a business specifically with many users.

Get in touch.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could try all the features of 3CX without committing to a long term contract? With Reformed IT you can. As 3CX partners, we can offer you a free, no obligation trial. Call 01158 244 824 or email us to find out more.  

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